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Sep. 23rd, 2010

has it really been 2 years?!

well, it's been almost 2 years since i've posted in this journal!  woops!  so for an update....i'm married, moved to Salem Oregon and am down to 1 job.....and that job is kind of in a slump right now!  I'm down to just doing craft fairs and selling on etsy and hopefully someday I can find a job that gives me a paycheck!  Next step....find a cabin in the woods :)


Nov. 20th, 2008

i'm gettin' hitched!

so i'm gettin' married this sunday.  very last minute and simple and only involving our parents.  it's been a bit stressful, so i can't EVEN imagine what people go through that have a real wedding!  there's no way i could do it. 

this is also the last day of my full time job!  kinda scarey, but it needed to happen.  i need way more time to dedicate to my hats.  so we'll see how this goes.

ok!  20 more minutes till i'm free!!!

Oct. 31st, 2008

oh halloween.....

i'm really not a halloween girl.  i usually can't think of what to be, except for this year....i know what i would be yet have NO time to put effort towards making a costume.  no time at all.  so yeah....i might just pretend like halloween isn't going on.

the yarn store...i LOVE it!!!!  loopy yarns is where i'm working part time now and just the fact that i get to go be around yarn and fiber and people that are obsessed with it just like me...amazing!  i can work on hats at work finally!!!  it's insane.  i love love love it!!

i get to work and there's coffe made and sometimes there's a cute dog there and i get to crochet.  yeah.  heaven. 

i've been sitting in on a crochet class on wednesdays to un rustify my knowledge of crochet so i can eventually teach a class of my own :)   seriously, i've never really know what i'm doing, i just do it.  so i figure i should maybe know what i'm doing before teaching people...and it's way easier than i thought it would be! 

so i'm wanting to teach a freeform crochet class there.  i'm super excited!!  and just from this class, i've actually been reminded of stitches that i can make really fun things with. 

ok, i guess i should get back to work at my other job....can't wait to not have three jobs!

Oct. 21st, 2008

hooray for a 3rd job! i think :)

so i got a job at Loopy Yarn!!  it's so much fun!!!  it will be way more fun when i'm finished with my full time job in a month :)  i'm excited and nervous but much more excited than nervous :)  

also, a few friends of mine are opening up a gallery space soon!  and they said i could have a show there!  so that's also pretty exciting.

went to Grace's farm fiber festival this weekend in woodstock illionois......so pretty and peacefull.  the animals were adorable and the angora bunny was hilarious!

holy crap!!!! 
um, i just got yet another AMAZING gift from my most favorite fiber supplier/person!!!!  whimzy pinzy!!!!

i now have a year of flickr pro!?   holy cow.  she defines what an amazing person is.....i'm pretty much speachless. 

Oct. 7th, 2008

just a slight update

sooo, yarn con was a fun yet not a money making show.   considering i spent about half i made on more wool....yet i don't mind :)
but i did talk to loopy yarns and might possibly have a freeform crochet class lined up to teach!  terrifying yet fun at the same time.

so i'm waiting to hear about that and just biding my time here at work. 

oh, and i started an email list so i can update people on my etsy store and shows and such....so if you want to be on it....let me know! 

ok, just about time to get the heck outta here so i can go home and spin some yarn!  yeehaw!!


Sep. 19th, 2008

woo hoo!

so the show was fabulous!!  although i've never in my life seen so much rain in Chicago!!!  it rained from friday night till sunday evening!  of course, the fair was outside under your own tents.  luckily we have a super fantastic tent that didn't leak or get blown over :) i can't say that about everyone elses tents.  the fact that people were still buying stuff made up for the crappy weather.

i got to meet some wonderful people and came home with some beautiful things.   now it's time to make stuff for Yarn Con!   that's coming up oct. 4th.  should be less stressfull, no tent to set up, indoors so no weather issues....fiber everwhere!!!  i have a feeling i'm going to go bonkers with the fiber purchasing. 

i found out that whimzy pinzy and i are both going to be in the show!  she's one of my favorite fiber suppliers (especially for wooly locks in pretty colors).   i'm so excited to meet her!  i'm in trouble i know it.  i might need to buy some more containers for my wool.....organizing wool is pretty darn hard for me to do.   

problem #1

i didn't have a door on my bedroom/closet/supply room.....learned the hard way that my cats are yarn whores. 
so i found a door that doesn't fit and put it on there. 

problem #2
no space.
so in my room i have a queen bed for guests and my dresser and closet and shelves with books and wine, coke boxes for yarn.  so right now i'm keeping all my fiber in those giant plastic bins.  2 of them.  it stays organized for about 5 minutes.  then it's a mess again.

so i need to figure out a way to organize/ store/ cat guard all my pretty fibers so they're still easy for me to get to and what not.

i'm sure i'll figure something out.  maybe i need smaller and clear plastic containers instead of huge opaque ones.  i can organize by color or by fiber type.  most likely color. 

i also need to find some more plying supplies....threads, thin yarns, spools of things and stuff.  not sure where to start looking for those.  i know that thrift stores are good for that, but with my job i have no time to anything not online related.  totally sad i know.  i get EVERYTHING but groceries online these days. 
getting presents in the mail from myself is always the bright part of my work day :)

ok, so all of a sudden i have a nice headache.  by nice i mean the opposite. 

i'm also going cross eyed from this computer.  why is it not 6!?   i got  a ton of pretty fibers in the mail today and i believe i will split my friday night between cleaning for a family visit and spinning all my new fibers :)  hooray!!!

Sep. 11th, 2008

holy cow!

so Venus Magazine wants to come to my booth at the Renegade Craft Fair on sunday and interview me!  I get so nervous with interviews, but maybe since i'll be in my element (surrounded by hats and yarny goodness) i might be ok.  they want to feature me as one of the top 5 picks at the fair!  that's just crazy!  

ok, going to chill out now :)

taking tomorrow off of work so i can craft my butt off!  don't have nearly enough stuff for the weekend.

Sep. 10th, 2008

she reads!

yes it's true...i was reading.  Anyone who knows me, knows that reading and moi do not get along.  not that i don't know how to read, it's more like i don't know how to pay attention long enough to read more than a paragraph. 

ANYWAY......so for some reason, after all these years, i've found that Pluckyfluff has a blog!  www.http://pluckyfluff1.livejournal.com/
i know, i need to wake up.  my point it......i love it!!!  She is so flippin' entertaining and makes the most gorgeous, fun, squishy, coily yarn around!!!

also, i found out that when i was miserable at a trade show in L.A. (missing the Pitchfork music festival/Depart-ment)....Pluckyfluff was having a workshop!!!???  a big steak just went right through my heart!!  we were in the same horridly hot town and i didn't even know! 

that's ok.  i will make it my goal to keep track of when these Pluckyfluff workshops are and possibly go to one some day :)

oh pluckyfluff.....thank you :)

Show count down!

so i figured i should start using this!  my brain doesn't like to hold my ideas in anymore, so maybe this WILL.
So the Renegade Craft Fair is this coming weekend.  Who's not ready?  ME!  But i'm not too worried...i have lots of stuff, just not lots and LOTS of stuff.  I'll work on that last LOTS when i take the day off on friday :)
i need to spend some time tonight spinning...it's so hard for me to spin yarn to sell....i want to keep and use all of it! 
Also, i'm actually getting short on yarn!  it took lots of destash sales and me forcing myself to use yarn i've been saving for years, but i've done it.  I want to start from scratch with all (most) yarn spun by me.  I also need to get more creative with my spinning.  i really need to work on coils and giant coily slubs!  i try to but the hooks on my wheel keep pulling them apart.  if i don't figure this out on my own, i'll just have to ask someone :)

i need more fabric scraps...my friend gave me a big load of her gorgeous fabric scraps and i'm burnin' through them!  spinning them into yarn and sewing them on shirts (that i eventually ruin since i can't sew). 

hmmmm, oh, Perishables got ahold of my hat stash over the weekend and took some GORGEOUS pics of them!  They're different and strange and unique...i love them! 

if you go to my myspace page www.myspace.com/girlwithahook.com and go to my tagged photos, you can check those out

ok, back to work with me!

Oct. 17th, 2005


so for some reason i've just now signed up with this "live journal". Be honest, i did it so i could make a comment on ana voogs journal :)
she's rocks.
well........i've been meaning to finish this had for a customer and for my sister, but i seem to still be in my crochet slump. GET ME OUT OF IT!!!!

that's all for now :)